Cognitive Technologies Transformation

Working with Individuals, Leaders and Organizations to Democratize AI

Thought Leaders in the area of Workforce Skilling and Re-skilling in preparation for the Cognitive Technology Transformation(x) brought on by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). 

The CTx mission is to bridge the gap in AI knowledge and AI Talent in the region, helping to prepare the local and national workforce for the jobs and innovations of the future, while contributing to improve the rate of adoption of AI applications in enterprise, academia and government.

The purpose of CTx, as a public benefits corporation, includes creating a material positive impact on society and the environment by “democratizing” AI and cognitive technologies, taken as a whole, from the business and operations of our company.
CTx services are aligned to three primary verticals: Individual Cognitive Technologies Enhancement, Government & Corporate Workforce Skilling & Re-skilling, and Enterprise Transformation Solutions.

Along with these verticals, CTx offers knowledge summits; AI Leaders Roundtables; strategy, executive leadership, and transformation programs; innovation, incubator, and global startup strategy; workforce re-skilling/up-skilling behavioral transformation. Along with our Digital Sales and Marketing Solutions, CTx is your one stop solutions provider.

CTx offers cognitive technologies educational programs, live courses, online courses, knowledge summits; enterprise strategy,

All CTx programs are customized to meet your needs to help you and your organization adapt to the rapidly-changing world of AI and cognitive technologies.

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What We Do

Individual Cognitive Technology Enhancement

CT-Educational Programs CT-Enhanced Leadership Series Certifications

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Corporate & Government Skilling & Re-skilling

Foundations Skills Development Practical AI Transformation

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Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Assessment Development Implementation

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Digital Sales and Marketing Solutions

Sales and Lead Generation Website Reviews and Marketing SEO Auditing and Optimization

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